Core Subjects

posted Nov 18, 2015, 3:24 PM by Kimberly McFarland
We are working in Unit 3 All things fractions.  Please review the family letter that I sent home in the C-folders this week for details regarding this unit.

Reading and Writing:
4th Grade Genre Study:
Quarter 1: Narrative
Quarter 2: Opinion/Argument
Quarter 3: Informational
Quarter 4: Fiction;Theme/Literary Essay 
Information regarding these studies can be found on the GVS staff link.


We are working on Earth Science.  We have explored the 4 layers of Earth and the composition of each.  We have learned convection currents in the mantle and how these currents cause the movement of tectonic plates (continental drift).  This week we are exploring fossils and fossil fuels.

Social Studies: 

Grade 4 is learning about NH's first historical people- the Abenaki!