Below are some suggested Writing apps compatible with iPod/iPad devices.

 Name Use/Description Grade Level Cost
 ABC Cursive Writing  Practice numbers, sentences, words, & letters 3-5 $0.99
 iCanWrite Letter tracing K-1 $0.99
 iWriteWords  Learn to write letters & numbers with dot-to-dot approach K-1 $2.99
 Kids Writing Pad Lite Practice writing on lined pad K-3 $0.99
 PoppletCreate graphic organizers, classroom visuals, & organize material according to text structures 3-13 $4.99
 SentenceBuilderLearn to build grammatically correct sentences about a given picture K-5 $5.99
 Story BuilderLearn sentence structure, sequencing, and inferencing 1-5 $7.99
 TeachMe: 1st GradeFirst grade reading, spelling, & math 1 $1.99
 Toontastic Learn to create a story with all the essential story elements K-5 Free