Exploring with Microscopes

Students worked with microscopes to explore our world.  

They began by learning how to use a microscope, how to focus on a slide, and proper care of the "scope."  

Next, we used the scopes to examine prepared slides from the Montshire Museum.  The slides were separated into categories--anatomy, plants, microbes and fungi, a mix of introductory, and three sets of various slides donated from Dartmouth College.  These final slides were particularly interesting, as many of them were over 150 years old.

Students also learned how to make their own slides using plants.  Students brought in various plants, such as flowers, parts of cacti, apples, bananas, leaves, and more.  We examined them under the different magnifications and drew our "Microscopic Plant Zoo" at 40x, 100x, and 400x.  Students then discussed what they noticed when comparing what they saw with the naked eye to the different magnifications.

Finally, we examined algae.  Students completed a practical assessment of their knowledge by creating a slide of algae and drawing it under the three magnifications.  Students also wrote essays about their experience with the microscopes and what they learned during the unit.

Follow the link to read some of the students' essays.  They were fantastic!  

Below are some pictures from our unit.  Enjoy!

Microscope Exploration 2014

Science Practical Assessment Microscopes

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