Classroom Expectations

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As leaders at GVS, sixth grade students are expected to embody the GVS expectations.

Be Respectful

Be Responsible

Be Safe

These expectations exist in the classroom and beyond (recess, Unified Arts, the hallway, the cafeteria, online, etc.). Please talk with your child about how their choices and behavior impact their school success.

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Own your learning!

  • Effective learners think creatively and critically.

  • Effective learners communicate.

  • Effective learners cooperate with others.

  • Effective learners use resources to seek, access, and apply knowledge.

  • Effective learners function independently.

  • Effective learners take risks to succeed.

  • Effective learners exhibit self-confidence.

  • Effective learners create options and make choices.

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Bullying will not be tolerated at GVS. Please have a conversation with your student about bullying. For more information use the resources below.

Stop Bullying