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GVS Sixth Grade STEM Fair

Students in sixth grade will participate in a STEM Fair in April of 2022.

Students will prepare for their project and begin their research at school, but the STEM Fair project will be completed at home.

The objective of the STEM Fair is for students to understand the connection between Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics.

Starting in 2021, the STEM Fair went virtual! Depending upon the outcome of this school year, the STEM Fair may be in-person, virtual, or hybrid. We look forward to sharing our scientific learning and thinking!

Students, what are you passionate about?

How is your passion connected to STEM?

For ideas in the meantime, check out:

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Begin thinking now about how you will present your project.

How will you...

record your data?

record your process?

share the scientific method?

Will you...

present with technology?

conduct an experiment in person?

present on a poster board?

Most importantly--make it fun!