4th Grade - Mrs. Buckman and Mrs. McFarland

Last Update: 6/12/18

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Rising 4th Grader Summer Letter

June 13,2018

Dear 4th Grader,

I hope you are having a wonderful summer! Before long it will be time to return to school for another exciting and educational year. Then we will be seeing old friends, moving about in familiar spaces, and getting back into old routines. I just can’t wait. I love a new school year!

I wanted to take a few minutes to tell you about some of the interesting things we’ll be doing together in fourth grade.

Most of you know I LOVE science! We have some great topics to explore in grade 4. We will be learning about the human body and the structures that help us to function. We’ll learn about the Earth’s resources and forces that shape the land. We’ll explore matter, energy, and electricity (You can even build a game with your own circuit board.). We will explore forces and motion (waves), and even build our very own inventions!

You may also know that I LOVE writing! I love stories and informational books. I love poetry, and I love reading your opinions to lots of important topics like whether or not we should extend the school year! (So far, every class has convinced me that we should not extend the school year- but I will warn you, it takes some really good writing to convince me, so hopefully, you are a really good writer!)

I love math and social studies too, and I hope you like some of the same topics I like- then we can like them together! I can't wait to learn a lot more about you.

I will email your family in late July to schedule a conference with your parents in August. That's right- I am going to meet with your parents before school even starts. I am going to learn more about you from them and they will get to learn some things about how our class works and how we will communicate your progress with each other.

Now, each year I am asked what supplies fourth graders need to start school. Most supplies you need for school are already in our classroom. I will attach a short list of things you need to this letter, but don't get anything that is not on this list. You do not need extra stuff at school.

There are so many things to look forward to in fourth grade that I can’t even name them all! I am really happy that you have been assigned to my class this year, and I’ll be waiting for you on the playground on the first day of school. See you then!


Mrs. Buckman

Rising 4th Grader 2018-19 Student Supply List :4th Grade Supplies

(1) ½ inch, 3-ring binder ( clear view cover- the kind where you can slide a cover down the front of the binder)

(1) Package of tab dividers (5 tabs in the pack)

(1) Red notebook I do not care if it is spiral bound or not

(4) Pens (color does not matter to me)

(2) Dry erase low-odor markers

(1) Package of pencils and erasers and update as needed

(1) Hand-held pencil sharpener

(1) Highlighter

(2) Package of post-it notes

(1) Headphones or earbuds (clearly marked as your own)

Closet into science closet

Later in the year you will need one(1) white t-shirt that is too big for you and has lots of room to grow (This will be our class shirt. We design it and wear it to school events and on field trips. We sign the back of the t-shirts on field day and then they can go home as a memory shirt- you won’t believe how much you grow this year. Adult shirts work pretty well.) Don’t get it yet though. I will tell you when you need your plain white t-shirt and that should help your family provide you with a “best size” shirt.

Caution: Do not go get these things now. They will be really cheap in August. Don’t get things you don’t need.

Looking Ahead to Grade 4:


    • Unit 1: Place Value: Multidigit Addition and Subtraction
    • Unit 2: Multiplication and Geometry
    • Unit 3: Fractions and Decimals
    • Unit 4: Multidigit Multiplication
    • Unit 5: Fraction and Mixed-Number Computation; Measurement
    • Unit 6: Division; Angles
    • Unit 7: Multiplication of a Fraction by a Whole Number; Measurement
  • Unit 8: Fraction Operation Applications

Reading and Writing:

4th Grade Genre Study:

Quarter 1: Narrative

Quarter 2: Opinion/Argument

Quarter 3: Informational

Quarter 4: Fiction;Theme/Literary Essay

Information regarding these studies can be found on the GVS staff link. All student resources are posted in the Google Classroom.

Word Work/Spelling:

Our class is taking traditional spelling tests on Fridays to determine the "stickiness" of our teaching. Are students learning to spell the words that we teach and review? Students take a pretest on Mondays to determine which words will require concentrated practice. The pretest will help students best determine which words they need to practice for the week. If you are looking to Spelling City to practice our spelling list words you will turn to the Week __ list for our class (date here). Students also learn a new idiom each week as part of our word work. We explore new words with morphology exercises on Wednesdays and study parts of speech on Thursdays. Friday is sentence level work applying a variety of mechanics skills. All 36 weeks of the Grade 4 Word Study is posted in Google Classroom for your convenience.


Unit 1:Life Science

  • Cell Structure and Function
  • Plant and Animal Structures and Functions
  • The Brain as a communication transmission system

Unit 2: Earth Science

  • Layers of Earth
  • Landforms and Water Features
  • Fossils
  • Weather
  • Oceans

Unit 3: Physical Science

  • Energy
  • Light
  • Sound
  • Heat
  • Electricity
  • Waves and Currents
  • Forces
  • Motion

Unit 4: Design and Engineering

  • Invention Convention

Social Studies:

NH Our Home

Unit 1: Our NH Story

Unit 2: NH's Place in the World

Unit 3: Native Americans

Unit 4: Explorers and Settlers

Unit 5: Life in Colonial NH

Unit 6: NH in the American Revolution

Unit 7: A New State in a New Nation

Unit 8: Civil War and Reconstruction

Unit 9: NH in the 20th Century and Beyond

Unit 10: Government for All of Us

Unit 11: Making a Living in NH