Supplies List

Post date: Aug 25, 2015 10:42:44 PM

(1) 1-inch, clear view cover, 3-ring binder

(1) Ream of 3-hole punched white-lined paper

(1) Package of tab dividers (5 tabs in the pack)

(1) Red notebook I do not care if it is spiral bound or not

(1) Scissor

(1) Pencil pouch- no pencil boxes please

(4) Pens (color does not matter to me)

(2) Dry erase low-odor markers

(1) Package of pencils and update as needed

(1) Hand-held sharpener

(1) Package of colored pencils

(4) pocket folders (one of them must be red)

(1) Ruler

*** (1) white t-shirt that is too big for you and has lots of room to grow (This will be our class shirt. We design it at the beginning of the year and wear it to school events and on field trips. We sign the back of each others’ t-shirts on field day and then they can go home as a memory shirt- you won’t believe how much you grow this year. Adult shirts work pretty well.)

Caution: Do not go get these things now. They will be really cheap in August. When you do get your things, put them in your pencil pouch and put your pencil pouch and filler paper in your binder. Don’t get things you don’t need.