5th Grade

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Ms. Johnson

You can email Ms. Johnson at kjohnson @ gvshawks.org

You can email Ms. Bechta at dbechta @ gvshawks.org

Thank you for visiting our classroom page. This website is a resource for you and your student. You will be able to find links to great sites aligned with our curriculum, scheduling information, and most classroom updates and assignments are now found on Google Classroom.

Hello Families!

WELCOME TO 5TH GRADE!” We are very pleased to be your child’s teachers this year. We have an exciting and enriching year ahead of us!

Before we address a few beginning-of-the-year items, we would like you all to know how important you, the parents, are to our classroom. We strongly believe that parents, students, and teachers are partners in learning. Please let us know if you have any questions, concerns, happy news, or if you want to give us a “heads-up” about anything and we will contact you as well. Our emails are dbechta@gvshawks.org and kjohnson@gvshawks.org or call the school at 863-1681. Please be patient with email, as we often don’t get a chance to look at it until early morning or after the kids head home. If you need to get in touch with us urgently, please call the school and tell Nora so we can get back to you as soon as possible! Thanks!

Your child will be given a homework assignment sheet/Reader's Club Schedule at the start of each week and will come home with one on the first day of school. This should be signed by a parent nightly after reviewing your child’s completed homework and verifying your child read the required Reader's Club assigned pages and did the RTL written assignments. Homework must be completed carefully and neatly and transported in the appropriate folder of the homework binder that will be assembled on the first day of school. Any written work may be keyboarded (We actually prefer this as most written work in class will be composed directly on the computer). Lit Log assignments will be completed on Google Classroom unless other arrangements have been made.

While it is very important for children to learn to be responsible for their own homework, it is still critical at this age to check for neatness, accuracy, and completeness of all assignments to ensure your child develops effective work habits. If an assignment is incomplete or messy, the student will be required to re-do it at recess. If the assignment sheet/reading record is not signed, the student will lose points towards BechtaBucks (our class economy) and/or will stay in during free time to make up any missing work or to read. If your child forgets his/her sheet at school, you may write a note stating that the Reader's Club assignment was completed along with any other work. Please encourage your child to call a classmate to get the accurate assignment if this should occur. There will be homework given in reading, math, and word-work every night Monday through Thursday (We generally do not assign weekend homework) and other subjects occasionally, including Science and Social Studies, studying for tests, and projects.

We appreciate teachable moments while doing homework, but would like to see your child’s independent work. You may wish to ask him/her to elaborate or recheck, but we need to see trouble areas. The homework may be a struggle to start- this is very normal and eases as your child builds focus, stamina, learns time management, and gets a solid grip on expectations. Please be patient. If your child is still not done after 50 minutes of sustained focused effort, please write me a note on the assignment sheet. We will track this and provide some tips and additional instruction if needed. As skills develop, you should find the time required to complete work steadily decline to about 30 – 60 minutes a night. If you find your child is completing homework in a very short period of time, it could be that he/she needs to elaborate more, or could be that the work was mostly completed at school (there is often class time to start HW).

Our classroom has a “class economy”—a fun earning system using class money called BechtaBucks. This system only rewards responsible behavior and social skills, not academic performance, and is intended to be fun and motivating. Children who turn in completed homework and assignment sheets signed every night will receive class money for “buying” extra class supplies (erasers, click-pencil lead, pencils, and pencil sharpeners) and trinkets at our 5th grade “store” on the last Friday of each month. There will also be several other ways to earn class money. We welcome donations to our class store: dollar store items or things in great shape you no longer want.

Every Friday, your child will come home with any completed and corrected assignments and notices, as well as a Weekly Report in his/her red Communication Folder. This will keep you informed as to what is happening in class and will also report behavior and work habits for the week. Any missing homework will also be written on this sheet. You may jot down any thoughts you have on the form or on the assignment sheet. The form must be signed by a parent and returned by Wednesday. Signed, returned sheets earn class money!

Please take a moment to read and discuss with your child the Grade 5 Class Procedures sheet located in your child’s binder in a clear plastic sheet cover.

Students are expected to be in class at 8:40 am and are dismissed at 3:20 pm.

Your child’s specials this year are:

Recess will be 12:00-12:30pm

Lunch will be from 12:30 – 1:00pm

We will have snack daily. Please pack a healthy snack or have your child order a snack from the GVS Cafe. Sugary snacks are not permitted, but may be saved for dessert at lunch time (no candy, soda, cookies please).

Also, please send a water bottle to school so your child may keep water always available at his/her desk. The bottle should be labeled and may contain water ONLY (no flavored water or other drinks please).

Together we will be an effective team in helping your child be as successful as s/he can be! We look forward to working with you! This is going to be an excellent year!


Ms. Deebee Bechta

Ms. Kim Johnson

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