Mr. Crutchfield

3C Newsletter

for the week of

February 3, 2020

Set a timer for 30 minutes AFTER you have organized everything you will need to do your homework.

1. Math: Fractions and Multiplication Strategies

In unit 5 the students will relate their part-whole understanding of fractions to visual and symbolic representations and explore fraction equivalence. They will also develop multiplication strategies by using their understanding of known facts to use arrays, area models, and properties of multiplication to find unfamiliar products.

2. Language Arts: Adjectives

Some adjectives tell how many. Not all adjectives that tell how many give an exact number.

The students wrote three stories. The students wrote some stories.

3. Reading Focus Skill – Sequencing

Recognizing the order in which things happen in a story, or the sequence of events, is important to understanding what we’re reading. It is also a skill we’re using as writers.

4. Science Living Things and Their Environments

In this unit students will use evidence to construct an argument that in a particular habitat some organisms can survive well, some survive less well, and some cannot survive at all.

Virtue: The virtue for the month is compassion.

Compassion is feeling what others are feeling and trying to help with their troubles.

Ask your child to tell you about the stories we’ve read related to the virtues.

*** Read: You may read by yourself, or you can have a person read to you.

Try and read for at least 20 minutes a day in addition to your homework.

Reading should be a planned part of the daily routine.

Please return the homework packet Friday.

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4 Winds

Thank you to Alyssa’s mom and Luke’s mom for our lesson on animal survival in the winter.


Our next visit to the Hood Museum is February 12th. We’ll be at the museum from 11:00-12:30. We will return to school around 1:00 and have lunch then.

Spring Concert

The K-3 Spring Concert is scheduled for February 12th, as well. More details will be provided by Mr. Hoefs in the coming days.