Parent Survey

Post date: Jun 26, 2018 5:38:34 PM

Parent Survey- Mrs. Page’s Class

Child's Name: _______________________________ Birthday:_____________

Name of Parent(s)/Guardian(s):______________________________________

Siblings' names and ages:___________________________________________

What does your child like to be called? (nickname?)



Parents/guardians, please respond to the following questions. The information

you have to share about your child will be extremely helpful to me in getting to

know him/her.

What three words best describe your child, and why?

What does your child like to do? What are your child's interests?

What are your child's strengths?

What is difficult for your child? (academically, socially, or emotionally)

Who are some important people in your child's life? Where do they live?

What are your goals for your child this school year?

Is there anything else that you are concerned about, or that I should know

about your child to help him/her to have a successful year?

Please take time to complete this survey, and send it with your child on t

he first day of school.

Thank you,

Catherine Page