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Art Resources

Hey Hawks! Feel like getting artsy? Check out a few of the links below!

Google Arts & Culture is a great place to solve a famous work of art puzzle, tour an art museum, visit amazing places, or just look at amazing artwork. To visit Google Art & Culture please click the link below:

The Metropolitan Museum of Fine Art is an incredible place for artists like us! They have an Art at Home page, and it gives you a place to visit to learn, explore, and be inspired by incredible works of art. To visit the MET's Art at Home page please click on the link below:

Thank you, and I will be posting more soon!

Please feel free to watch my new favorite show, Portrait Artist of the Year:

Laundry can be an art supply! Check out the clothing faces from our own GVS artists.

Karen Eylander

Charlie Ferland

Elise Ferland