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Art Resources

Hey Hawks! Feel like getting artsy? Check out a few of the links below!

Google Arts & Culture is a great place to solve a famous work of art puzzle, tour an art museum, visit amazing places, or just look at amazing artwork. To visit Google Art & Culture please click the link below:

The Metropolitan Museum of Fine Art is an incredible place for artists like us! They have an Art at Home page, and it gives you a place to visit to learn, explore, and be inspired by incredible works of art. To visit the MET's Art at Home page please click on the link below:

Thank you, and I will be posting more soon!

Please feel free to watch my new favorite show, Portrait Artist of the Year:

Artsonia Halloween Art Challenge!

Design your own mask for Halloween! The best part of Halloween is dressing up as anything you want. Create a design for a mask that you would wear trick-or-treating. Students will have access to a downloadable mask "template" that they can print and sketch their artwork in.

Search the link below to find the mask template:

Be sure to bring your mask designs in to Miss Balla so that she can upload your images to Artsonia! This challenge is fun and festive!

Stay Spooky, My Friends!

Laundry can be an art supply! Check out the clothing faces from our own GVS artists.

Karen Eylander

Charlie Ferland

Elise Ferland