Do you know how to use Soundtrap? If so, Mr. Pollard needs some background music for his videos! Click on this link and use loops, beatmaker, or whatever custom sounds you would like to make your own. When you're done, remember to hit save so I get a copy to send to Mr. Pollard

Primary Activities

Grades Pre K - 2

Down in the Jungle - Read and Sing Along with Mr. Hoefs. Piano lesson at the end, use a piano at home or the Chromebook/Computer Piano

Play Along/Sing Along songs:

If you want to draw your own Aiken Drum and send the picture in with your name on it, we will be making a collage of all the pictures.

Intermediate Activities

Grades 3 - 6

Staff Wars - Test your note reading skills, take a screen shot of your high scores and send them to Mr. Hoefs

Soundtrap - Create your own songs with this garageband-esque music maker

Three Little Birds - Learn to sing and play on Ukulele and Piano

Tuning a Ukulele - For those who have a uke at home and need to tune it

Happy Birthday - Sheet music for recorder

Happy Birthday - Video lesson on how to play Happy Birthday

Ode to Joy - Sheet music for recorder

Ode to Joy - Video lesson on how to play Ode to Joy


Whole School Activities

All Grades

Make A Woodwind at Home - Make a straw instrument at home! Requires a plastic straw and a pair of scissors

Super Looper - Create your own music loops!

Chromebook/Computer Piano - Play along with posted music here or make your own!

Moose Song - Sing this classic camp song with GVS teachers!

Radio Play - Write your own short story, complete with sound effects

Making Foley Sounds - Learn more about how foley artists make sounds

Radio Play - Here's an example from Mr Hoefs

SPLAT - Program your own drum machine and much more!

SPLAT Tutorial with Mr. Hoefs on using SPLAT

A schedule for all groups and lessons can be found HERE.

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