Band, Chorus, and all other Music Group signups are now open for 22-23!
Please click this link to fill out a short form for either group.

All lessons and rehearsals will begin September 19th. Email Mr Hoefs at with any questions

Primary Activities bitmoji

Primary Activities

Grades Pre K - 2

Down in the Jungle - Read and Sing Along with Mr. Hoefs. Piano lesson at the end, use a piano at home or the Chromebook/Computer Piano

Play Along/Sing Along songs:

If you want to draw your own Aiken Drum and send the picture in with your name on it, we will be making a collage of all the pictures.

Intermediate activities bitmoji

Intermediate Activities

Grades 3 - 6

Staff Wars - Test your note reading skills, take a screen shot of your high scores and send them to Mr. Hoefs

Soundtrap - Create your own songs with this garageband-esque music maker

Three Little Birds - Learn to sing and play on Ukulele and Piano

Tuning a Ukulele - For those who have a uke at home and need to tune it

Happy Birthday - Sheet music for recorder

Happy Birthday - Video lesson on how to play Happy Birthday

Ode to Joy - Sheet music for recorder

Ode to Joy - Video lesson on how to play Ode to Joy


Whole School Activities bitmoji

Whole School Activities

All Grades

Make A Woodwind at Home - Make a straw instrument at home! Requires a plastic straw and a pair of scissors

Super Looper - Create your own music loops!

Chromebook/Computer Piano - Play along with posted music here or make your own!

Moose Song - Sing this classic camp song with GVS teachers!

Radio Play - Write your own short story, complete with sound effects

Making Foley Sounds - Learn more about how foley artists make sounds

Radio Play - Here's an example from Mr Hoefs

SPLAT - Program your own drum machine and much more!

SPLAT Tutorial with Mr. Hoefs on using SPLAT

Any questions? Email Mr Hoefs at: choefs @