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3rd Graders View the video above. MUSH!







This story is a BIOGRAPHY. That means it is a book about a real person's life. It is also a NON-fiction book because it really happened. Enjoy this true story, a BIORAPPHY, about Jane Addams .

Can you guess what the Spine Label would be for this book?

Remeber it is a

Biography about Jane ADDams?

In honor of beloved author and illustrator, Tomi dePaola, who contributed over 270 books to the world of children's literature. His life spanned 1934-2020. Parents, please enjoy Strega Nona with your child.

Storyline Online is an excellent source of video books for your K-3rd grader. Storyline Online Click HERE!

Fourth Grade! Continue to work on your NH Slides Presentation.

More Information Here: New Hampshire Presentation

Fifth Grade! Continue to work on your INTERNATIONAL travel project. More Information Here: International Travel Project

Sixth Grade! Continue to work on your NATIONAL PARKS project. More Information Here: National Parks Project

Maggie wanted to let you know she misses coming to read with the GVS students.

Cali Brown enjoys "Warrier Cats"

What are YOU reading? Send me a picture of you with your book! Check back to see if your picture is added to Maggie's Book Club above!

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