Physical Education


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Week of 3/30 - 4/3

Check out the NEW video for updated PE assignments and procedures! Focus of the Week: Nutrition

Focus for Week of: 3/30 - 4/3



Nutrition Kahoot: PreK - 2nd Grade / 3rd - 6th Grade

NOTE: Nickname must be Initials followed by teacher last name (e.g. John Smith in Mr. Crutchfield's class: JS Crutchfield)

Food Label Fitness: All Grades

Assessment Form for Food Label Fitness: Click Here

My Plate Creation: All Grades

Physical Education Updates

  • New Focus: Each week starting on March 30th, there will be a new focus topic. You must complete 1 of the focus activities provided on this page. Be sure to complete a second activity of your choice.
  • Visit the Links page for various Physical Education sites and information

At Home Fitness Challenges

Can you beat the Pollard Family?

Fitness Challenge 1:

Forearm Plank

Fitness Challenge 2:

Stride Jumps

Fitness Challenge 3:


Fitness Challenge 4:

Straight Up Push-ups

Skill Challenge 1

Flip the Plates

Skill Challenge 2

Don't Drop the Sox

Skill Challenge 3

Coming Soon!

Skill Challenge 4

Coming Soon!