PE at Home

Use the activities below to continue PE Education while at home during our current school closure. Feel free to submit assignments by completing the reflections below, via email (, or simply fill out the teal sheet that came home

Are you going on a trip and will miss school?Did you miss the fitness tests?Do you want to put in some extra work on a specific performance indicator?If so, be sure to check out all of the following at home activities! All activities include a signature line for you and your parents to sign in order to receive credit for completion. In the event you are unable to print and/or return the sheet, families can email the information to

Juggling School

Watch the video to attend GVS Juggling school. Any student in grades Pre-K through 6th can participate! Be sure to submit your results to me once you finish! Results can be submitted in multiple ways: email, post or send me a video, text message, etc.