Family Tech Help Desk

Common problems and how to fix them:

How do I set up my Chromebook to print at home?

  • In general, due to the variety and age of the printers in question, we do not support home printing devices, as we simply cannot troubleshoot setting up every printer someone may have at home. The "settings" button for students on Chromebooks are locked down - but in general assignments should be manageable without printing.

  • IF you have a fairly new wireless printer, you may be successful, if you are willing to try (no support, no promises), to set up printing using Google CloudPrint by making sure you are on the same wireless network as your printer and going to chrome://devices. Your printer should appear there, and you can "register" the printer, which may require some confirmation on your printer directly.

  • The only other suggestion if that does not work would be to try logging all the way out, click the down arrow by your login and "remove this user" and log back in. A fresh user profile may work better.

  • Apologies, but I simply cannot support the huge number of potential printing devices that are out in people's homes.

Why can't I can't send email to my student's account?

GVS is a "walled garden" for students and they can't receive email from external sources, including parents. They can, however, receive email from teachers and anyone at GVS who has a email address.

  • As a general rule, Teachers will send emails to the STUDENTS accounts as the primary means of communication for curriculum related matters, and cc: the parent account if they feel it is necessary. In general, teachers at GVS will assume and presume that parents have access to student email and can read and respond there, especially for primary school children.

  • Administrative front-office communications, and personal and private communications that would be inappropriate for the student to read will be sent to parents directly - but for day-to-day routine coursework questions, zoom links, etc. teachers will default to using the student's email address.

  • One solution is to create a separate profile in the Chrome Browser that's logged in to the student's account, and that makes it easier to switch back and forth. You can even copy and paste from one account to the other if necessary.

  • For more on how to set up a profile for students on a personal home device, see:

I can't connect to WiFi on my Chromebook!

  • Solution: Log out of your Chromebook, or power it all the way off (hold the on-off button for 10 seconds) and restart. Connect to your local Wifi FIRST before logging back in. Log back in.

My Microphone on my iPad isn't working when I try to do a RAZ-Kids (or other application) test to read.

  • The way to fix it: Go to "Settings->Privacy->Microphone and make sure the Kids A-Z app has the "Green slider" switch turned on...

Then, go back and try again.

The student also needs to click the green "I have time" button after that.... there's a voice message that goes that says it may take 15 minutes to complete the assessment.

How do I block someone on Hangouts/Meet if they're being annoying?

  • Steps: Open up Hangouts Chat. Select the person to be blocked from the list on the left. Click on the "3 dots" in the top right corner. Choose "options". Choose "Block" person's name you wish to block. Click OK.

Specific instructions from Google on blocking, including how to Unblock:

How do I use the Sora/Overdrive Library online book service?

  • "Sora" shows up for students on their Chromebooks in the "waffle" scrolling down to the bottom. They MUST be in their Google accounts for it to work - if they're in a Parent account, it won't show up.

  • For students on iPads, the app is pre-installed on the iPads - it has a little airplane icon. They need to "find my school" and choose Grantham, and then sign in using their school Google accounts.

My Chromebook/iPad is SLOOW! Not Loading Videos like it used to! Crashing!

  • Restart your Chromebook so updates can be applied! In fact, restart your Chromebook daily is a good practice. Be sure to sign out and press the power button for 10 seconds to turn it off all the way.

  • On iPads, it's often a space problem. Go to: Settings-> General->iPad Storage If you are using more than 25 GB, it's time to do some housekeeping... Go to Photos on the iPad and: Click "Albums"; Choose "Recents" Select some photos/especially videos to delete. Click the trashcan and delete them. Now scroll down to the Album "Recently Deleted." Press "Select"; Click "Delete All"

  • Check other apps that may be hogging space on the list, and remove files from them too!

How do I complete and turn in an assignment in Google Classroom using an iPad? (Including how to submit a photo!)

My kid's Google stuff won't come up when I go to things like Classroom and Docs, but it brings me to MY Google account instead!

My Chromebook won't turn on! What do I do?

  • Try unplugging it, hold power button for 30 seconds. Plug back in. Press power button 3 times in succession. If that doesn’t do it, try again, closing and opening lid all the way before you try turning back on. Final step - plug in and be sure charging light is on. Let charge overnight. Does light turn green? Try one more time.

How do I set up a BrainPop login?

  • See the document below in the help files folder.

I can't send an email to my child's gvshawks address! They can't send to me from it either!

  • Students cannot send or receive email from outside the domain. See the next question...

I want to upload files from MY personal device to my child's Google Classroom!

  • If it's an iPhone or an Android, best bet is to install the Google Classroom app on your phone and sign in with your child's credentials... this is a twofer - you can upload items directly from your phone for assignments, and you ALSO can see the student's assignments!

I forgot my password!

How Do I Upload a File to an Assignment in Google Classroom?

  • See the slideshow below in the Files section.

I need an Everyday Math Redemption Code.

  • Please contact your classroom teacher for the code.

What do I do when there is poor/no home internet service for my GVS student?

  • Grantham does have broadband internet service in town to many homes through Comcast/Xfinity, FairPoint, and Hughes Satellite, but there are certain areas of town where there is no coverage for this service or the service is inadequate.

  • There are other service providers who provide internet service through wireless “Mi/Fi” using cellular data, and may offer those services with discounts for students. Some of these vendors include:

  1. Verizon -

  2. AT&T -

  3. T-Mobile -

  • There are also public WiFi hotspots with high-speed internet that can be connected to from the parking lots of Dunbar Free Library and Grantham Village School - GVS offers very fast connections for both upload and download.

  • The school has a limited number of MiFi devices available that you can apply for, if you meet certain economic criteria, such as:

  1. You are homeless under the McKinney-Vento Act.

  2. You qualify for free or reduced lunch.

Instructions for completing the Daily Health Screening


  • If the daily screening is not completed, or indicates attendance is not warranted (i.e. "Not Cleared" result), your child will be required to stay home from school that day.

  • To complete your daily Health Screening, click on the following link.

  • You will need a Thermometer for taking your child's temperature:


1. Enter your student's User ID, choose "Student" and complete the assessment.

2. If you are unable to determine your User ID or do not have one, simply click on the link for "If you do not have a User ID." (User ID is first part of your child's email address).

3. At the end of the assessment, you will receive either a "Cleared" or a "Not Cleared" result.

If you receive a "Not Cleared" result, the nurse at GVS will be notified and the app will recommend next steps for you to follow.

NOTE: You do NOT need to use any services offered by ConvenientMD - these options are offered merely as a convenience to you.

Complete ONE assessment for each student in your household.

Confirmation of the completed assessment will be emailed to the STUDENTS email account.



Your student's User ID is the first part of their school email address before the "@" sign, ordinarily their first initial and last name.

The USER ID should be all lower case.

(if you have multiple children at GVS, this may be different if they share a first initial - please contact Mr. Britton if you need help).


Click here for iPhone instructions

Click here for Android instructions

Email for technical help for GVS STUDENTS AND FAMILIES ONLY:

help @

Student forgot password? Click here to request a password reset.


Hi all, this page is being established to be your main source of tech help for distance learning.

We can help with questions about Google accounts, school-issued Chromebooks and iPads, and technical issues you may be having with connectivity.

Email is our preferred means of helping, but we can also help through Google Hangouts via your student's device, or your own personal devices.

We are here to help your online learning experience be a positive one!

Thank you for your patience - technology issues WILL occur; it is our hope to address them as quickly and painlessly as possible. Go Hawks!