SAU #75


Grantham School District

300 Route 10 SouthGrantham, NH 03753P: 603-863-9689 F: 603-863-9684
Sydney Leggett, Superintendent, Email: sleggett @
Miki McGee, Special Education Director, Email: Phone: 603-863-6289
Meredith Butler, Business Administrator, Email: Phone: 603-863-6231
Brenda Molloy, Executive Assistant, Email: Phone: 603-863-9689

Mission Statement:

The Grantham School District serves students in grades K-6 and tuition students through an AREA agreement with the Lebanon School District for grades 7-12 as a New Hampshire Public School District. It is our desire that all students in the school district develop a passion for learning, become self-directed literate individuals, develop a willingness to continuously improve themselves, become responsible and contributing members of society and to the democratic process, become informed decision-makers and problem solvers, become life long learners, participate in an educational process that blends social, emotional, physical and intellectual learning, and prepares them for the global world in which they will live. Further, we believe that the educational process should be sensitive to the transition between schools and school systems, and reflect the values, cultural and social needs of the community.

To this end, our staff will strive to provide extensive educational experiences through utilization of balanced curricula that is comprehensive, flexible and increasing in complexity and depth.

The Mission of the Grantham School District in partnership with the people of Grantham, is to provide excellence in education. Together, we mentor our students to become critical thinkers, creative learners and independent problem solvers. We aspire to nurture in each student a lifelong love of learning. As competent, responsible and caring citizens, our students will know and apply the skills necessary to make positive contributions within a diverse global society. In support of the mission, we hold the following:

    • All students can learn and demonstrate what they know.

    • All students can become self-directed learners.

    • All students learn in different ways and require different methods of learning and instruction.

    • All students can become informed decision-makers, who are actively engaged in the learning process.

    • All students can become effective communicators who write well, read widely, listen perceptively, speak clearly,and use language, numbers and symbols to convey and receive information.

    • All students can learn to be collaborative learners to enhance their ability to accomplish group and community goals.

    • All students can become life-long learners.

    • All students will work to become respectful, responsible, contributing members of our society.

Core Values: Toward the delivery of the Grantham School District mission, we hold the following core values, which establish our expectations for students, staff, and administration conduct in delivery of our educational programs

Honesty, Integrity, Trustworthiness, Loyalty, Fairness, Caring, Respect, Citizenship, Pursuit of excellence and continuous improvement and Accountability

New Resident Student Registration and Transportation to Lebanon Middle and High Schools:

New Hampshire law requires that your child be a legal resident of Grantham in order to attend its schools. The “legal residency of a minor child” is defined in RSA 193:12. Providing misleading or false information about a student’s residency is a criminal offense under RSA 641:3 and RSA 641:7. Please contact the Grantham SAU #75 for the Proof of Residency form required to begin the registration process for Lebanon Middle and High Schools. This form is also available by clicking on the Proof of Residency document below.

Transportation to the Lebanon Middle and High Schools is provided by Grantham School District. Please refer to the GVS website at for bus schedules or call the SAU #75 office for more information.