UVTA Passport to Winter Fun Program

Passports to Winter Fun have arrived at Grantham Village School.  These booklets are a great way to stay active during the winter months.  The goal is to track your physical activity by recording it in the booklet.  There are 30 days of tracking included.  Each day you complete 60 minutes of physical activity, fill in a box (write your activities in the box).

Here are some important deadlines    

February 23rd - Front Flap Deadline

March 29th - Back Flap Deadline

March 31st - Last Day to Cash in Incentive Prizes

April 5th - Grand Prize Raffle, Program Conclusion

There are 3 ways to turn in your front/back flaps. 

  1. Mail to:  Passport to Winter Fun, P.O. Box 1215, Norwich, VT
  2. Scan the QR code within the booklet to fill it out digitally (front and back flaps have different QR codes)
  3. Turn them into Mr. Pollard and he will mail them in!
Passport Participants earn an incentive prize when they reach day(s) 10, 20 & 30 which are listed on the green sheet insert. To redeem the prizes, they present their Passport with the completed days to the business to verify they have completed those days!

Thanks to the generosity of Local Businesses, we have a great selection of Incentive Prizes for the 2023 season! We will be highlighting a business here and including information on their prize offering.

Want to be included in the Upper Valley Trails Alliance Newsletter.  Send your photos of winter fun to [email protected] or caption photos on social media with #uvtapassport to get featured! 

Thank you to the Upper Valley Trails Alliance for sponsoring these awesome program!