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Superintendent's Newsletter Sunday, Nov. 28 2021

COVID-19 announcements:

Nov. 25, 2021 - Positive case letter
Nov. 26, 2021 - Positive case letter
Nov. 27, 2021 - Positive case letter

TUESDAY'S Raffle Prize:
4 admission passes to VINS https://vinsweb.org/

Get Your GVS Playground Raffle Tickets! Still for Sale!
GVS Playground Raffle tickets are for sale by emailing (frontoffice@gvshawks.org) or calling (603-863-1681) the front office. Tickets are also for sale in afternoon car line.

The Winner's Circle

12/6 Jessica Swain
2 adult and 2 child passes to Upper Valley Aquatic Center!

12/3 The Volpe-Pye Family
Four 2-hour cruise tickets + $25 gift card to Fenton's Landing!

12/2 Rochelle Matsumoto
2 tickets to Northern Stage!

12/1 The
Dixon-Vestal Family
4 rounds of mini-golf at Fore-U Mini Golf!

11/30 The Barrett Family
$30 gift card to the 99 Restaurant

11/29 Emma Suhr
2 Montshire Museum passes


Amazing Prizes!
Here's what else you can win!

On December 8, you could win a $50 gift card to Salt Hill Pub!

On December 9, you could win a $50 gift certificate for Yankee Farmer's Market!
December 10, you could win 4 Admission Passes to Squam Lakes Science Center!
December 13, you could win Dinner for Two at Forbes Tavern!

On December 14, you could win a $100 gift card for King Arthur Flour!
December 15, you could win 6(!) $25 gift cards to Little Brother Burgers!
December 16, you could win one free pet exam at Sugar River Animal Hospital!

On December 17, you could win a Legal Estate consultation with Utell Law!

On December 20, you could win an Eastman gift card for Golf Lessons!
December 21st - you could win a 60 minute massage at Cioffredis!
GRAND PRIZE: Early Drop-Off/Bypass the Morning Car Line for the month of January 2022!

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Grantham Village School nurse, Karen Eylander administers COVID-19 tests at the school on Wednesday, Oct., 6, 2021. Second-grade teacher Catherine Page and second-grade students Arden Heinsch and Otto Miletto were all participating in pool testing. The school will be performing tests every two weeks. It took Eylander about an hour to gather the samples in Grantham, N.H (Valley News - Jennifer Hauck) Copyright Valley News.

Read the entire story in the Valley News here!

Sign your child up for easy school Covid group screening TODAY!

It's simple, it's easy, it's painless and it helps keep us all safe!

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School Board Meeting on Tuesday, December 7, 2021, 6:30pm public meeting in the GVS Music room as well as zoom. Please click here for the zoom link. To view the agenda click here.

School Board Meeting Videos can be found here.

The Grantham School District is looking for a few community volunteers to help develop a revision to our non-discrimination policy. This is an opportunity to help devise a plan to proactively prevent, recognize and approach discrimination based on age, sex, race, creed, color, marital status, physical or mental disability, national origin, sexual orientation, or gender identity. We value community input and would love to have more voices in this group. If interested, please contact Sydney Leggett at the SAU 75 office at 863-9689 or via email at sleggett@sau75.org. *********************************************************************

Employment Opportunities here

2021-2022 GVS Calendar Approved by the board on 4 6 2021 (2).pdf

Welcome to Grantham Village School! In partnership with the people of Grantham, our mission is to provide excellence in education. Together we mentor our students to become critical thinkers, creative learners and independent problem solvers. We aspire to nurture in each student a lifelong love of learning. As competent, responsible, and caring citizens, our students will know and apply the skills necessary to make positive contributions within a diverse global society.

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