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In response to the COVID-19 situation, Grantham Village School campus is currently CLOSED to families and visitors. Please ring at the front door if you have business at the school.


An important update from Superintendent Sydney Leggett:

September 18, 2020

Dear Grantham Community,

This weekly update is different than most. Instead of reminders to do health screenings and notifying you about changes to school operations, I want to provide a window into my big-picture perspective as the educational leader of this wonderful community and offer up some of my thoughts and goals for all of us as we navigate our way through this difficult year.

The planning and decision making process surrounding reopening is the most difficult situation that schools have faced in recent history. With little definitive guidelines from the state, our district created and adopted a reopening plan that we feel works best for our Grantham community. We’re reaching the end of our first full week just as of today, and it’s only now that we’re beginning to see what’s working well and what needs adjusting. This is how I expect the rest of our conversations and potential changes will be throughout the year -- we’ll be continually assessing and reassessing where we are and what we need to do next. It’s simply the nature of where we are in the world today. Future changes or movements to a different model will not be made to reverse the decisions that have already been made but rather to move forward, given new information or circumstances as it’s available.

This type of continual reassessment requires a few critical components. On the practical side, our Progress Monitoring Committee employs both qualitative and quantitative data-oriented functions, meeting weekly to hear from a diverse group of constituent representatives. You’ll note in our first minutes from this week (attached here) that we have various perspectives and opinions, which we all agree is not just useful but necessary to provide substantive, holistic advice and feedback for our School Board.

The additional critical components we all need to have as a community are tolerance, acceptance, and flexible mindsets that recognize there is no “right” answer in all of this, and that we’ll need to adapt to changing circumstances throughout this school year. This is where I’ve had some concerns over this past week, and observed some community comments and behaviors, which I’d like to share with all of you. I do this for the sole purpose of trying to address these issues proactively and positively before they grow into significant problems.

Since the beginning of this entire reopening process and right up until today, I hear from parents and community members of all minds. In any given week, I will hear from parents who feel the school shouldn’t open at all, that hybrid was the way to go, and that we should reopen in full immediately and should have from the start. The diverse opinions on this haven’t changed much since we started. With this in mind, the Board was presented with two options at the August meeting and voted to adopt the hybrid option. As with any democratic process, I believe in honoring the decision that’s been made and moving forward to implement it with diligence, fidelity, and a commitment to our community. That being said, everyone recognizes that this model may change to a full opening or a full remote model in the future, but I ask that everyone remembers we need data and input from our various constituencies to make those decisions, and we haven’t yet had even one full week of school. On behalf of everyone at GVS, I’m asking for your patience. I know and recognize that there are a myriad of challenges to everyone involved with the hybrid model--as there would be with any model chosen--but we are still “opening” for the year and need time to do this the very best we can. We’re gathering data, meeting weekly, and will soon be issuing surveys to our community to elicit the feedback we need to assess the impact and progress thus far. All of these things are in process.

What I’m concerned about with all of this is that I’m hearing the seeds of some divisiveness that’s not what I've experienced in my four years in Grantham, and I hope we all remember that there are no “us/them, yes/no, right/wrong” conclusions with what we’re facing. Our landscape, especially in light of national politics right now, is ripe for the development of an oppositional culture; so I’m asking you to join me in preventing that before it starts in our community. Let’s remember to:

  • embrace the nuances of all our various opinions and intentionally seek and respect those kernels of truth in the opinion of your neighbor who feels differently than you do;
  • follow the THINK protocol we teach our students before they post on social media -- is what your posting True, Helpful, Improving the conversation, Necessary, and Kind?
  • listen carefully and calmly before reacting.

I know we’ve all heard the statements that we’re in this for the long haul; that this is a marathon, not a sprint; and that this won’t be over anytime soon. I think these should all be reminders to us of our need to focus on the community relationships we have, want to maintain, and intend to keep when this pandemic is over. When we think of a long haul in terms of relationships, we want to avoid a win/lose culture that can only result in what a year from now might be just an empty victory.

In the communications I've received thus far, some themes have emerged and some common questions have come up, particularly around why GVS is not opening up to a full 5-day per week schedule. In a separate document here, I’ve attached a few FAQs related to common statements and questions that I heard regarding this throughout the week so I can address those individually. From the first moment of our reopening discussions, I have felt -- and still feel both personally and professionally -- that all three options (full in person, hybrid, and remote) are viable. What my job has been is to look at the multitude of variables of our school and advocate for the model I assess to be most viable at the given time with our current data. This is what I’ll continue to do. In turn, the Board will continue to listen to all options and make their decisions from there.

I sincerely thank you for taking the time to read these thoughts and perspectives. I am happy to listen, as is of course our board, and I know we’ll work through these issues together. My vision of the best long-term goal we can have is that a year from now, we reflect and can say that we kept our community healthy and safe; we provided the very best quality education we can; and that we did all of this with mutual respect, open dialogue, an appreciation of healthy conversation, and with the true spirit of Grantham that’s been the soul of the authentic and thoughtful community we are. There are many ways to provide input, including emails to me and/or the board, our Thursday evening parent/guardian check-ins, board meetings (next meeting is October 6th at 6:30 pm), and I’m always happy to meet with you via zoom, phone call, or in person meeting at the SAU, as I’ve done with many parents and community members already.

I hope you all have a good weekend. Be well.


Dr. Sydney Leggett, Superintendent

SAU 75 Grantham

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On September 1, the Grantham School Board accepted the "GVS Change Request for Continuity of Learning Option" form. The form became effective that day.

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The Grantham School District is looking for a few community volunteers to help develop a revision to our non-discrimination policy. This is an opportunity to help devise a plan to proactively prevent, recognize and approach discrimination based on age, sex, race, creed, color, marital status, physical or mental disability, national origin, sexual orientation, or gender identify. We value community input and would love to have more voices in this group. If interested, please contact Sydney Leggett at the SAU 75 office at 863-9689 or via email at



The GVS Integrated Preschool serves Grantham residents ages 3-5 with special needs, as well as their typical peers. If you are a Grantham resident and your child will be 3 or 4 years old on or before September 30, 2020, please complete a preschool registration form. Please return the completed form by March 13th to Grantham Village School via fax 603-863-8377; email: or call us at 603-863-1681. Preschool screenings will take place by appointment only on March 20th.


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Our team at GVS has reviewed state and federal guidance on the issue of remote learning, and we’ve combined this information with what we’ve experienced and learned with you over the past few weeks in our new world of school. All of this information has resulted in the following guidelines for remote learning at GVS. More than anything, we recognize that each family may have different needs, and we’ll do whatever we can to be flexible and adaptive to those needs.

We’re in this together; we’re a team of great, collaborative problem solvers and we’re committed to working with you the whole way through.

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