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Pre School

The GVS Preschool is a public preschool program serving children between the ages of 3-5 that is available to the residents of Grantham, New Hampshire. (Students who are 5 years old by September 30th of the current academic year are expected to be in Kindergarten.) Our maximum class size is 15 students, and we have a primary commitment to students ages 3-5 who are at-risk for special education or have previously been identified with special educational needs. Any additional spaces in the program will be open to peer models, who are typically developing students in this same age range. All students participate in all activities in a fully inclusive classroom with the assistance of teachers, specialists, related service providers, and support professionals.
  • All children grow and develop at different rates and learn best through play.
  • Identifying and addressing concerns as early as possible is best for long-term success.
  • Children work and learn through playing and asking questions of the world around them.
  • Children learn from each other, and social interaction is an important component in learning.
  • Early learning is best accomplished with parents/guardians as partners.
  • The curriculum follows quality principles and practices that are exploratory, play-based learning that foster the love of learning
The GVS Preschool Program focuses on the development of a variety of early learning skills in a language-rich environment. These skills include communication, cognitive, gross and fine motor, social, problem solving, and creativity. Our daily schedule includes various offerings, from teacher-directed whole-group lessons to small group work and individual exploration. Whenever possible, students with identified services will have them provided as part of the general classroom. Everything we do, including snack and recess, are part of our curriculum and offer important opportunities for our learners to grow. Whenever possible, we will also have visits from other staff, students, and community members from our Grantham community. Our curriculum is based on the NH Early Learning Standards, which can be accessed by clicking the link provided.
The GVS Preschool Program has a low student to staff ratio. Each classroom is led by a full-time state certified Early Childhood Special Education Teacher and a full-time Classroom Assistant. The classroom teacher will also serve as the Case Manager for students identified with an Individualized Education Program. Other staff and specialists will be part of the program as either early interventionists or to offer identified services to individuals. 

Tuition is based on a sliding scale according to family income. Students who are identified with special education needs, are at-risk for special education services, or qualify for free lunch will be admitted to the program at no cost.  Students who qualify for reduced lunch will be admitted at a 50% reduced rate.  Peer models attending the preschool will pay the monthly rate below. If your child is a peer model and does not qualify for any reduced rates and you still need assistance with the tuition, please contact Principal Reed.  Information about tuition will be given to you with the rest of your screening and registration paperwork. 


Program Monthly Cost Ann ual Cost
4 Day $113.60 $1,136

Please complete this google form to be added to our Preschool Interest List. 

We will have preschool screenings in the spring (Date TBD)  For the 2025-2026 school year and beyond, we will use a lottery system to fill the peer model spots.  Families who were on the waitlist prior to May 2024 will have their “first come-first served” status honored.