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Absentee Policy

Absences, Tardiness and Unscheduled Vacations

Regular attendance and punctuality are essential for school success.  A child is expected to attend school unless she/she is sick or there is a family emergency. Students are marked tardy if they enter their classrooms after 8:45 AM with administrative consideration to road conditions and bus schedules.
Students will only be released to a parent or legal guardian unless they have signed note by a parent or legal guardian that instructs otherwise.
Please call the office if your child will be late or absent. Otherwise, the nurse will call you to assure your child is safe and his/her whereabouts are known. Students may not ride home with anyone other than his/her parent/guardian unless a signed note by the parent/guardian accompanies the child stating the name of the person who will be responsible for the child’s transportation.  Children leaving school other than at the designated times should be picked up at the office.
Our new attendance policy  JH and JH-F defines excused and unexcused absences. Excused absences include the following:
  1. Illness;
  2. Recovery from an accident;
  3. Required court attendance;
  4. Medical and dental appointments;
  5. Death in the immediate family;
  6. Observation or celebration of a bona fide religious holiday;
  7. Others that the superintendent or principal excuse.
When a child is out for any of the above, parents need to call the school to inform, as always. The difference in the new policy is when a child will be out for a reason not noted above.
When children will be out for a reason other than the above families need to submit an Absenteeism Absence Form (see attendance policy in policy section) two weeks BEFORE the child is absent (unless extenuating circumstances). Teachers will prepare make-up schoolwork either prior to or following the leave, depending on the current schedule within the classroom. Teachers may also prepare a project for the children do complete while away. Any work that is not completed within the predetermined deadline will result in a grade of zero. Per our JH-F Policy, no more than five (5) days of this nature will be granted in any school year.
If an absence is for a reason OTHER than the 1 through 7 above the absence is “unexcused” unless:
  1. The Absenteeism Absence Form is submitted two weeks prior to the absence,
  2. Any projects assigned before the absence are completed by two weeks after the absence, and
  3. Any and all make-up work is completed by two weeks after the absence.
If 1, 2 and 3 are fulfilled, the absence will be recorded as “excused.”
Parents are requested to schedule family vacations during the school vacation periods. Taking vacations during school time conveys your child that school is not important; therefore they can miss the days. 
A student is considered absent when not in school.  Excessive absences and tardiness are not conducive to maximum learning; therefore, parents should make every attempt to have children in school, on time, every day. You will receive a letter if your child’s absences exceed five days (or10 half days) of unexcused absences. After five unexcused absences the principal will become involved and this involvement will continue for every three more unexcused days.
Habitual truancy (5 or more unexcused absences) is a violation of New Hampshire state statutes and will be reported to civil authorities. 
RSA 193:1 A parent of any child at least 6 years of age and under 18 years of age shall cause such child to attend the public school to which the child is assigned in the child's resident district. Such child shall attend full time when such school is in session unless: